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Hugh Nicholas is the owner and lead professional photographer at Qudos Photo Courses, offering Photography classes, On-line courses, 1-2-1 tuition and free help and advice, ideal for corporate or private individuals like you from beginners to advanced who want a greater understanding of photography or just have fun with a camera, so choose and click on the banners below for more choices and book today to save disappointment as Hugh’s diary is understandably busy.

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Qudos Photo Courses

Qudos Photo Courses

Qudos photo courses photography tuition for business

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Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Qudos Photo Courses was set up by Hugh Nicholas a professional photographer with over three decades of experience to help novices, enthusiasts, students, companies and up-and-coming photographers who wish to have a greater understanding of photography and get the best images from their camera’s, smartphones and tablets at an affordable price. All course material has been produced by us, is updated regular and taught by experienced full-time professionals working in the photographic industry.

On-line digital photography course one

This popular course has been designed with you in mind, has 22 practical modules which can be accessed in order or at random to suit your learning requirements. You have unlimited time to complete the course which includes all future modules and updates. The course is kept up-to-date on a regular basis and incorporates an exam which includes submitting up to five images with personal feedback from Hugh Nicholas.

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  3. On-line courses are updated on a regular basis and are ideal if you’re interested in learning photography, at school, college or university.
  4. You have unlimited time to access on-line courses, and all future modules and updates are free.
  5. Course material is designed to show you how it’s done in practical easy modules with simple explanations at an affordable price.
  6. 99.9% of images, diagrams, and written content has been supplied by Hugh Nicholas a full-time professional photographer with over three decades of experience.
  7. Hugh dedicates a few day’s each month for 1-2-1 tuition or group photography classes, so book today to save disappointment. (More info)
  8. Articles and advice on the latest cameras, IT, printing and framing are supplied by Hugh and his colleagues, working professions in their field.
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