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About Qudos Photography Courses

99.9% of images have been taken by Hugh Nicholas with you in mind

There are many photography tutorial websites, but view offers you the opportunity to be taught by an established professional photographer with decades of experience who produced and supplied 99.9% of the images, diagrams and written content with you in mind.

Hugh a professional photographer and his industry established colleges come highly recommended, contactable and happy to share their vast knowledge and experience of photography, post-production, video and printing which has been accumulated over many decades.

We’er here to help.

About Hugh Nicholas – Photographer – Tutor

Qudos photo courses

Hugh Nicholas has over thirty years’ experience as a professional photographer and tutor. He received his first camera at six years old and has never looked back. In 1982, he joined a large corporate advertising studio working on international advertising campaigns and was trained as a still-life and fine art photographer, over a 15 year period.

Hugh has worked with many well-known London photographers and he has perfected his art over the years. Hugh has taken on many assignments from agencies and corporate companies, giving his portfolio a wide and varied look.

Hugh was one of the first to introduce freestyle to weddings and portraits taking inspiration from London and Americas top fashion and wedding photographers. He became a society wedding photographer and his work has been featured in Hello! Magazine among others. He owned one of the UK’s first digital studios in 2001 trading as Venture Bishops Stortford in the UK with over 20 staff including six photographers, which revolutionised portraiture.

Hugh has many contacts and friends in the industry who specialise in IT, Digital printing, Videography and all sorts of photography who are happy to help and advise.

Qudos photo courses

Qudos Hugh portfolio

This website is for everyone who takes photos using any device from smartphones to DSLR’s and wishes to have a greater understanding of photography and get the best images from their camera at an affordable price, taught by experienced professionals working in the industry. Ideal for students about to embark on a photographic qualification, novices needing help and advice, or anyone who would like to improve their holiday or family photo’s, start a business or just enjoy photography.

Contact Hugh if you have questions.

A Thought from Hugh Nicholas

The skills you need to create beautiful images consistently and on demand are developed over a lifetime. I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 30 years and I’m still learning new techniques and perfecting my craft.
Learning about f/stops, shutter speeds, depth of field, how ISO affects exposure, colour balancing and image manipulation is all knowledge that can be gained from reading, as long as the information given is reliable and you know how to combine it, as fragments of random sometimes misguided information will only confuse leading to frustration.

Image composition, colour balancing, controlling the light – both ambient and flash, getting a baby to cooperate, producing product images for a client’s needs and arranging a group of 20 people to all look at the camera at the same time with their eyes open and smiling are skills you’ll acquire with experience and help from an experienced tutor.

If you compare this to something familiar like preparing a meal, it’s no good learning how to arrange the food creatively on a plate before you have learnt to cook and prepare the food, choose the right combination of flavours, textures and nutritious values etc.

What’s different about my tutorials and courses?

If you want to learn a skill you need to start at the beginning and choose mentors with knowledge and experience. This is where I can help as I continually perfect and update relevant information on my courses and tutorials offering unlimited free updates.

I have perfected the learning experience while listening to my client’s needs, every explanation is accompanied by an image or images taken by me with explanations. All images are a realistic interpretation of the type of images you would take and can be achieved with basic camera equipment with manual settings, accessed by computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones so the relevant information is retrievable as and when you need it. I have added video and slideshows if it enhances the learning experience as tutorials taught totally in videos are harder to follow as you can’t cross reference or easily retrieve past information, and are soon outdated as the digital revolution is continually changing.

I set a few days aside each month for 1-2-1 tuition, ideal if you want help on a particular aspect of photography or post-production, thinking of starting a photographic business or setting up an in-house photography studio.

Qudos photo courses - 1-2-1 tuition

1-2-1 bespoke tuition with you and your needs in mind.

You can book Hugh for a bespoke 1-2-1 tuition session from as little as £30.

You may be part of a large company or own your own business and need to learn a particular photographic skill from photographing people, products for sale or interiors and exteriors to mention a few. You may be an enthusiast and just want to take better pictures and videos of family, friends, and your interests.

Whatever your photographic needs are I can construct a bespoke 1-2-1 session for you, so just ask.

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If I can do it, so can you

99.9% of the images and diagrams on the website have been supplied by Hugh Nicholas, taken on real assignments or produced especially for training purposes. Others are from Canon UK and some of our very talented members.

All images represented are a true indication of what you can achieve with Hugh’s help.

To date

My studio and I have taken more than 15,000 freestyle portraits, I have photographed over 1,000 weddings, have worked for over 250 commercial clients and run numerous photography courses over three decades. I work 6 to 7 long days a week, and never happier than when I have a camera in my hands.

For me, photography isn’t a job it’s a passion!

My mission is simple

I have the knowledge, a lot of experience, helpful contacts, and enthusiasm which I’m happy to share.

My teaching style is a mixture of technical detail and simple explanation and can be accessed as and when it’s convenient for you on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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 My associates

  • Alex -IT and print media specialist
  • Menor – Pro lab, Adobe, and framing
  • Alan Smith – Business consultant
  • Photosound – Camera store

I would like to give thanks to ‘Canon UK’ for their cooperation.

My team and I have over 220 combined years of experience! in the photographic and IT industry. I have worked with my colleagues for over three decades, who have become friends and are very knowledgeable in their chosen professions.

I’m here to help….Enjoy

Qudos photo courses

Qudos Photo courses, keeping it simple

Just a few of the many testimonials

Hugh is a true professional, he really knows his stuff. Every question I fired at him he not only answered in detail but showed examples of work and diagrams to make it easy to understand. I have been on several photography courses to further my knowledge, but I have learnt more in one day on Hughs course than all the others put together! I would thorgherly recommend. Excellent. Alison Coaten – ceramics

Hugh’s course has been very helpful in my getting to grips with both my camera and the essence of good photographs. His easy way of explaining both the technical and the artistic has been of more help than he could he imagine. There is a clear difference in the before and after shots! Would happily recommend him and his courses.
Best regards, Mike Mills

I have just returned from my break and whilst a little tardy (apologies) wanted to say thank you for the training course that you ran. Kim and I both found it exceedingly informative and whilst we probably will never make David Bailey levels it will go to help us move things forward. Kim and Louise – Progreen