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On-line digital photography course with exam by Hugh Nicholas

You may to summit up to five images and receive personal feedback by Hugh Nicholas, plus 4 hours of 1-2-1 tuition if the full retail price of £295.00 is paid.

Digital On-line photography course one

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Course highlights

  1. 22–module photography course, improve your photography in less than a week.
  2. Unlimited lifetime access including all future updates for free.
  3. Two bonus features, landscape and portrait photography.
  4. Hundreds of illustrations and easy to follow explanations.
  5. Self-assessment, including multiple choice with detailed answers.
  6. Assignments putting into practise what has been learnt.
  7. Submit five images to qualify for a pass certificate with feedback.
  8. Tuition by Hugh Nicholas who has over three decades of experience.
  9. Compatible with PC, Apple, smart phones and tablets.
  10. Learn from professionals as we do this for a living 🙂

22 Modules updated monthly

  1. Pros and cons of different types of cameras.
  2. Camera controls: what’s what?
  3. Metering: getting the exposure right.
  4. Lenses: Primes, macros and zooms.
  5. Understanding shutter speeds.
  6. Understanding apertures and depth of field.
  7. Using histograms and why they are important.
  8. Camera image sensors and how they work.
  9. Taking control, never miss a shot.
  10. Choosing the right tripod and camera bag.
  11. Using polarising, ND and skylight filters.
  12. How to use on-camera and remote-flash.
  13. Composition in colour and black & white.
  14. ‘Freestyle’ portraits and photographing people.
  15. Using available light when shooting landscapes.
  16. Working with Jpeg, Tiff and RAW files.
  17. Post-production and editing basics.
  18. Choosing the right printer.
  19. Self-assessment including exam with feedback.
  20. Exam, opportunity to submit five images with personal feedback by Hugh Nicholas.
  21. Camera and equipment maintenance.
  22. Conclusion.

Hundreds of images and diagrams with detailed explanations designed for easy access on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphone’s, so the information is at hand when you need it.

Hundreds of images and diagrams with detailed explanations

Designed for easy access on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphone’s  with you in mind, so the information is at hand when you need it.

What will you learn?

Qudos photo courses

A small sample of course content

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

Qudos photo courses

As you progress through this course, you will come across photographic terms not yet explained, so click on ‘glossary of terms’ (found at the bottom of each module) for an explanation.

At the end of each section will be a summary of each lesson. ‘Summary, keeping it simple’

The majority of the modules have an assignment designed to train you as a photographer.

At the end of the course is a self assessment with detailed answers and a multiple choice section asking all the questions you will need to become a successful photographer.

Exam with feedback by Hugh Nicholas

Prove your ability backed up by us.

Qudos exam certificate

You have the opportunity to summit up to five images and receive personal feedback by Hugh Nicholas, plus 4 hours of 1-2-1 tuition if the full retail price of £295.00 is paid.

You will need to follow my instructions carefully as everything asked is part of the test designed to proof you have the ability to take great pictures in the future and is an ideal introduction to further learning.

Qudos photo courses

Your tutor

Hi, my name is Hugh Nicholas, I’m a full time professional photographer and tutor with over three decades of experience my colleagues and I have writing and I have produced all images for this course which is continuously updated with you in mind. There are very few photography tutors on the web with my knowledge contacts and practical experience.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this course.

A quick biog

After leaving college with a City and Guilds qualification in photography and design in 1981, I joined a studio working on international advertising campaigns and was trained as a still life and fine art photographer using Mamiya RZ67, Sinar 5×4/10×8 monorail cameras. (old school) I have taken on many assignments over the years, from agency work to corporate projects, which gives my portfolio range and variety.

I was one of the first to introduce ‘freestyle’ photography for weddings and portraits, taking inspiration from London and America’s top fashion and wedding photographers. At the time, I was working alongside a well-known society Wedding Co-ordinator whose clients demanded a spontaneous and original approach.

In 2001 I set up one of the UK’s first digital studios using Phaseone digital cameras – trading as ‘Venture’ – with over 20 staff including six photographers, which revolutionised portraiture.

Over the years I have worked alongside some great professionals in their field. These include professional labs, Adobe Photoshop experts, IT programmers, computer wizards, graphic designers and an independent retailer of photographic equipment run by a team of very knowledgeable staff; all of whom are close associates and happy to advise.

All images and detailed diagrams used for this course and on the website are from real assignments or taken and drawn by me for demonstration purposes. All equipment shown is owned by my studio and used on a daily basis.

To date

My studio and i have taken more than 15,000 freestyle portraits, i have photographed over 1,000 weddings, have worked for over 250 commercial clients and run numerous photography courses over three decades.

I work 6 to 7 long days a week, I’m never happier than when i have a camera in my hands.

For me, photography isn’t a job it’s a passion!

My mission is simple

I have the knowledge, a lot of experience, helpful contacts and enthusiasm which I’m happy to share. This photography course is for anyone who wants to learn photography or simply wants to improve the pictures they like to take, or just have fun with a camera.

I’m here to help….Enjoy

Qudos recommended equipment

Don’t worry

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got all of the camera equipment recommended as you will be able to make a more informed choice to suit your needs once you have completed the course.

We have some great suggestions on what cameras and accessories to purchase in our ‘Article’ section.

Future proof

All purchased on-line photography courses and tutorials will be available for an unlimited period and subject to all free updates including videos etc in the future.

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